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The coastal city of Kakinada is one of the fastest urbanizing cities in Andhra Pradesh and thus needs a long term guiding strategy that delivers the city aspiration and vision. Kakinada is situated on 16.0150 North Latitude and 82.0150 East Longitude. It is 545 miles south of Kolkata and 400 miles North of Chennai on the coast of Bay of Bengal. It is connected by a branch railway line from Samalkota Main Railway line. Kakinada has a key geographic location in Andhra Pradesh and is well connected not only by road and rail but also via water as Kakinada Port located on the shore is one among the intermediate port of the state. It is the district Headquarters for a long time and in the central point on which all communications of East Godavari district converge.

The city is located in a high potential industrial zone and the recent initiatives such as development and subsequent implementation of the Master Plan and Zonal Development Plans for the Visakhapatnam-Kakinada Petroleum Chemical Petrochemical Investment Region (VK PCPIR) would exalt Kakinada one the most significant urban hubs on the East Godavari region. It is expected that Kakinada will act as hub for the economic and infrastructure development for the entire district.


Kakinada Smart City project is presently focusing on 5 sq.km area out of 32 sq.km area of Kakinada on pilot basis. Other areas of Kakinada will be developed in phased manner during 2017-2022 based on the success of pilot project. The pilot project will take up following projects as envisaged in Smart City Proposal submitted by Government of India. Kakinada Smart City Corporation Limited (KSCCL) has proposed a total estimated investment of over INR 1993 Crore for Area Based Development and Pan City Development with significant investment in water supply, housing, urban mobility and transport projects.A total of 69 projects have been identified in the ABD and Pan City region. Kakinada Smart City projects are in sync with national, state and district level missions/ programs/ initiatives and aims to fulfil the promise of all round development to its citizens.