Kakinada Municipal Corporation

Digital Boards

Kakinada Smart City managed by the Kakinada Smart City Corporation Limited has invited expression of interest (EOI), to install 34 electronic display boards with air quality monitoring systems, against advertisement rights on design, build, operate and transfer (DBOT) basis. This is a part of smart city project.

  • Digital displays make people pay attention.
  • Digital displays are highly customizable.
  • Digital displays are more cost effective.

The screens will have 20 per cent of air quality data display and rest 80 per cent of advertising. In the 80 per cent display available for advertisement, at least two minutes in every slot of 10 minutes to be used for display of public messages.

  • Digital displays can have a major impact on customer experience.
  • Displays can be changed at a Moment's Notice
  • Analytics.

Digital Board One

It has a wide range of outdoor applications such as Billboards, Hoardings, signs on signals, real-time messages like road conditions, safety, social welfare, and an information providing platform. With an integrated Digital Signage solution.

Digital Board Two

It becomes a centralized network where multiple LED Video Walls at multiple places throughout the cities can be controlled from a single point.

Digital Board Three

The combination of static identification and dynamic identification system with intelligent identification system can also assist the manager to manage the identification of the entire area.

Digital Board Four

The LED light pole screen has thus further consolidated its dominant position in the advertising industry, interpreting the latest trend of advertising presentation art.