Kakinada Municipal Corporation

Waste Management

Authority is responsible for collection, segregation, transportation, dumping and processing of the City waste from door to door. Authority has deployed vehicles for collection of door to door waste and dumping into the bins/collection points at strategic locations. From these bins/collection point separate four wheelers (loaders) carries the waste to the single location called waste processing plant. Also, Authority has field staff responsible for street sweeping and collection of street waste and dumping to the nearest bins/collection points.


Currently, managing the people responsible for the activity and proper utilization of assets/ resources assigned to them has become a complex job for Authority. The main problems of the existing solid waste collection process are:

  1. Lack of information about the collecting time and area.
  2. Lack of proper system for monitoring, tracking the vehicles and trash bin that have been collected in real time.
  3. There is no estimation to the amount of solid waste inside the bin and the surrounding area due to the scattering of waste.
  4. Physical visit required to verify employee performance
  5. The waste keeps lying unattended for several days.
  6. There is no quick response to urgent cases like truck accident, breakdown, long time idling etc.

Authority intends to implement a GIS/GPS enabled Solid Waste Management System practices within the existing landscape to:

  1. Manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system.
  2. Real time management of missed garbage collection points
  3. Efficient monitor and manage of waste collection bins
  4. Do Route optimization which shall help in reduction of trip time, fuel saving and serving more locations
  5. Reduce the human intervention in monitoring process
  6. Keep history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details
  7. Integrate the dumping ground and transfer station facilities with the centralized locations
  8. Reporting of vehicles, garbage collected and other SWM details to higher authorities from any location at any time
  9. Monitor and track the activities of field staff force on daily basis

Scope of Work

Business Solutions

The SI shall be responsible for Supply, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation (as per the functional requirement specifications mentioned in the RFP document), Operation and Maintenance (5 years) of ICT based Solid Waste Management System which includes:

# ICT Interventions Key Features
1 Solid Waste Management System
  1. GPS tracking of the waste pick up vehicle for real time tracking
  2. Route Optimization which shall help in reduction of trip time, fuel saving and serving more locations
  3. Manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system
  4. Efficient monitoring and management of waste collection bins
  5. Attendance Management System - Field Staff
  6. Ensure complete coverage of door to door and community collections served by vehicles
  7. Monitor and track other municipal corporation vehicles under Solid Waste Management Dept.
  8. Record history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details
  9. RFID devices with vehicle and RFID/QR based tagging of Bin to ensure serving by requisite vehicle
  10. Weight & Volume Sensor based bin to indicate maximum utilization status and trigger vehicle pick up
  11. Alert / Alarm management - Real time management of missed garbage collection points
  12. Monitoring & Reporting Application - reports of vehicles, garbage collection status, bin status etc.

The standards above should comply with (a) published latest e-Governance standards, frameworks, policies and guidelines available on http://egovstandards.gov.in; and (b) leading industry standards and/or as per standards mentioned at Annexure –XI.


I. Automated Vehicle Locator Management System

Web Based Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Application customized to meet the functional requirements of the solution is envisaged. Authority intends to implement the Automated Vehicle Locator Management System with the requirement of customized dashboard specific for monitoring and tracking of solid waste management activities and integration with the RFID system & weight and volume sensor system for bin collection management. The application shall leverage on the advanced GPS and GIS technologies for route scheduling, route monitoring, reporting and providing a quick dashboard.

II. RFID/QR code based Bin Management System

The waste collection vehicles shall be fitted with RFID readers. The RFID readers identify the RFID tags installed in the each of the collection Bins and read the Bin details. This data shall be transferred through the GPS device unit GSM/GPRS connectivity to the integrated application. The RFID readers shall be integrated to the vehicle GPS device unit to achieve this functionality.


III. Sensor Management System

The weight sensors shall be placed at the fixed location over which bin shall be placed every time it being served by the waste collection vehicle. The weight sensor shall sense the level of occupancy of the bin placed above and trigger alert signal to the Kakinada City operation center through GPRS/GSM network.

Volume sensor shall be placed at the fixed location over bin. When the volume of occupancy (waste) reaches to a particular threshold value, an alert/SMS shall be sent to the concerned person through GSM modem.

Ultrasonic or IR based level sensors to be provided to allow the system to identify the fill level and empty levels in a percentage basis and thereby garbage collection can be scheduled as a function of fill levels at different locations in the City.

Foul smell detection sensors/ Animal repellant sensors to be installed at select locations to the garbage bin to detect the quality of air being released into the atmosphere.

IV. Mobile GPS based Staff Attendance Management System

GPS based mobile device shall enable Authority’s field staff to register their attendance/presence throughout the day. The system shall periodically track the location (with time stamping) of the staff through their GPS based mobile device and shall map it in the system with the pre-defined area coordinates. The device shall feed the data through GPRS/GSM network to the Kakinada City operation centre for report generation and alerts.


V. Mobile Device Software Specifications:

The Software should support applications such as:

  1. QR Code scanning
  2. Job completion description
  3. Crowd sourcing application for compliant registration and grievances

VI. Infrastructure Solutions

The SI shall be responsible for the supply, installation & commissioning of the following field equipment’s as per the technical specifications mentioned in the RFP document:

  1. GPS Tracking System with all fittings & fixtures in all the vehicles
  2. RFID device installation in all the vehicles & loaders and RFID tagging of all the Bins
  3. Mobile biometric device for workers
  4. Weight and volume sensors installation at collection point/ bin
  5. CCTV Cameras at Secondary and Final Dumping sites
  6. Network connectivity for vehicles, bins to Kakinada City operation center

ICT Based Solid Waste Management System Schematic Solution Overview